Drive app revenue with Motrixi

You have data. That’s a good thing. Now, you need a partner to help you understand it— and to monetize it.

Transparency and consent to data collection are priorities for us. All of our data is permission-based, ethically sourced, and compliant.

What We Do

Motrixi connects brands, agencies, and data providers to targeted audiences.

Unique Data

  • 1st party data: mobile, online, offline
  • Compliance and Governance: GDPR, Google and Apple Store
  • 100% Opt-In
  • Deterministic
  • Attribution


  • SSP, DSP and DMPs
  • Data Partners 
  • App Developers & Publishers
  • Agencies

How it Works

Step 1

Join our mobile publisher network

Then, your users opt-in to share their data with us, allowing you to generate revenue.

Step 2

We add offline and online data points

This allows us to build a complete profile of your users:

  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Firmographic
  • Purchase History
Step 3

Advertisers, partners, and agencies target the audiences we create from your users' opt-in data.

Step 4

You generate revenue

when advertisers target these audiences. There is no interruption to users’ experience with your app, and your revenue potential increases as the audience profiles we create become richer.

Unlock New App Revenue