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The EULA is how users opt-in to data collection. Motrixi can only monetize opt-in data, meaning we cannot provide a new revenue stream for you unless users opt-in.

How it Works

When downloading your app from the Google Play store, all users will be presented with our EULA. This is a simple pop-up that includes Motrixi’s data collection terms and gives users the option to opt-in or out of data collection.¬†

How Motrixi Uses Collected Data


Data Customization and Targeting

Using data to customize personalized content and advertisements and connect certain demographic, behavioral, contextual or other data about you, to data we have collected from you, such as mobile device identifiers to serve targeted advertisements.


Measurable performance metrics that allow marketers and agencies to work towards a common goal. The data allows campaigns to measure a wider variety of KPIs, including a specific target audience, verified delivery, viewability rates, and/or other criteria.


Identify and analyze behavioral data and patterns, draw conclusions about the information, make more-informed business decisions and verify or disprove scientific models, theories and hypotheses.


Uses the information and analyzes the shared attributions to provide a more complete view of users and users with common traits for the creation of services and products.

Research and Development

Information processed to create and decide on the best route for new features, functionality, and enhancement to improve data quality.

Data Management Platform

A platform where the focus is to collect and build better audience segments for marketing purposes. The data management platform allows for the generation of audience segments used to target specific users to increase campaign performance.

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